Connect with Schools

Find a need…try to fill it! That is the way of the entrepreneur. Well supposedly.  Right? But what about Passion and finding a need to help people?  I always have had a hard time just filling the need without a deeper point or meaning.  When I started writing stories for All Your Cool Ideas it was with this in mind.  All kids need to see that leadership can have various faces.

Every time I read to a school and see the little faces light up at The Adventures of Lucas and Alyci characters it’s a treat like no other.  Recently, I had a chance to speak with kids at College Park Elementary about the first book, The Adventures of Lucas and Alyci and The Big Surprise.  To see the Wonderment and Engagement of students of all types connecting with the character Lucas (based off of my own son), Twitch (Hispanic), Brittany Eyeliene (insightful little girl), and Bounce (hefty, smart, resourceful kid) it makes this the best job in the world.

Find Your Passion!
Find A Way to Do It Every day!
Pray to do it for a long time!

And if by chance you are a business or a just someone who wants to help bring this feeling to other kids Sponsor a School!