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Where Kids can Learn and Grow

AL - All
Y - Your
C - Cool
I - Ideas

The ALYCI (All Your Cool Ideas) Kids Club started in 2018 to help kids of all backgrounds realize that they are valued, that their ideas are important, and they can use their ideas to influence our world. The club focuses on the personal development of children by helping them develop an overall sense of identity, build self-esteem, discover their unique strengths, improve personal skills, and gain knowledge.

The ALYCI Kids Club gives kids, parents, and teachers an opportunity to have fun engaging science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through stories and characters. All Your Cool Ideas is the place where kids can see a smart, empowered, curious young boy comes to life in new and exciting ways. Every adventure of this little boy and his robot has a STEM focus, whether it is learning shapes and early stage geometry or exploring characteristics of animals deep beneath the sea.

The ALYCI Kids Club offer stories, merchandise, books, and educational training targeted at kids between the ages 5 to 8 years old. The club exposes kids to different STEM experiences they normally would not get. It also provides them an alternative to the routine of playing video games and watching television while at home.

Join the ALYCI Kids Club for online fun, learning, and exploring!

ALYCI Kids Book Club

Currently the ALYCI Kids Club is developing a series of children’s personal development books. The first book, “The Adventures of Lucas and Alyci” takes kids on a brief journey with an awesome little boy named Lucas. 

In the story Lucas’ dad tries to empower him by building him something phenomenal…A robot named Alyci (pronounced Al-ee-ky). Once Lucas realizes how awesome of a team, he and Alyci can be, they became inseparable and his ideas take flight!

Throughout the book you will find “STEM Stops” to help kids with numbers and identifying shapes. You can also grab an “All Your Cool Ideas Pencil”, find the All Your Cool Ideas space in the back of the book, and begin to create your own cool ideas. 

Curious to learn and enjoy more about a little boy, a robot, and all their awesome friends?

Take the first step by purchasing a copy of "The Adventures of Lucas and Alyci" . Have Fun!

Eventually in later stories Lucas and his other friends will go on adventures together solving problems through using their gifts and gadgets. The club plans to share these exciting stories through book sales, reading them to classrooms, and through merchandise so young kids feel connected to the adventures.

ALYCI Kids Club Educational Courses

The ALYCI Kids Club has created Science, Mathematics, and Technology Educational Courses for kids ages 5 to 8 years old that are based on the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. 

The objective of the ALYCI Kids Club Educational Courses is to support, enhance, and even introduce concepts being taught in your local schools. We are all about having fun while inspiring students of all backgrounds to love and enjoy STEM. 

From the world of Lucas and Alyci these educational courses give students the opportunity to join an adventure with Lucas and his friends while learning. In each course students will be embarking on journeys by completing worksheets that increasingly become more challenging.

Several buying options are available for each course/module as outlined on the course pages. However, to join Lucas and ALYCI on all their journeys within all the courses, choose one of the following options:

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