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Math Course

Welcome to the ALYCI Kids Club Math Course!
Fun, mystery, math...
It’s all here!

Directly from the colorful world of Lucas and Alyci this course gives students a new opportunity to join an adventure with Lucas and his friends while learning even more about Science, Math, and Technology. In this educational course each student will embark on a journey to try and collect their third of three PowerShard Stones by completing each page, known as a CI (pronounced Ky) Challenge. Each challenge has been designed with activities allowing students to practice learning basic counting, addition, subtraction, shapes, dimensions, base 10 blocks and more. In this world of critical thinking and problem solving students embark on a new adventure traveling the globe with the CI team and find their next PowerShard in Asia. PowerShards are stones used to energize all the coolest gadgets and creations in the Town of Cool Ideas.

Lucas and his team are on a mission to collect this PowerShard stone by completing each mission level and earning all 4 math badges. Students joining the ALYCI Kids Club will help by completing each of the 4 math modules including the Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Genius levels.

Completion of all 10 CI (pronounced Ky) Challenges earn kid’s club members math badges for all 4 levels en route to becoming an ALYCI Kids Club Master.

The objective of the ALYCI Kids Club educational courses is to contribute to the personal development of children. In addition, to support, enhance, and even introduce concepts being taught in your local schools.

 The ALYCI Kids Club Math Course is for kids’ ages 5 to 8 years old and is based on the North Carolina Standard Course of Study.

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There are several buying options available for the ALYCI Kids Club Math Course, as follows:

Math Beginner Module

The Beginner module briefly covers the first stage or building blocks of complex mathematical equations. Lucas and each of the ALYCI team members tackle separate problems that students will help them solve. The beginner module gets students started by introducing them to shapes, counting, and adding single digit number or items. In this module we build on what the students are learning in school and have learned from previous challenges by using animal and scientific concepts. Younger students may need parent or teacher guidance and support. Completion of all 10 CI challenges and activities gets students their first badge.  Our goal is to complete all the challenges to help power Lucas’ city, the Town of Cool Ideas by getting our final of the 3 PowerShards.  All academic areas covered in the beginner module will be used as building blocks for later stages.

Math Intermediate Module

The Intermediate module gives students the opportunity to add to the foundation of the concepts they are beginning to learn and how they can apply them. It also builds on what was covered in the beginner module by adding an additional place value for students to try and use to solve tasks.  This gives students slightly more challenging academic tasks by also challenging them with subtraction, using base 10 blocks, and more complex shapes while getting them to think critically about what is happening in the story.   The intermediate module gets students thinking about the beginning of Mathematical concepts in Africa and tools that were used to solve problems.  ALYCI team members continue to help each other tackle problems that students will help them solve. Completion of all 10 CI challenges and activities gets students their second math badge.

Math Advanced Module

Alright, now we are really moving forward! The Advanced module is the next iteration of the ALYCI Kids club Math Course. Students will add and subtract using an additional place value up to the hundreds place.  We expand student’s use of base 10 blocks, go into odd and even numbers, measurement, and pattern recognition. Students are asked to read and solve more challenging word problems and concepts.  At this level students may be asked to group and grow from what they were exposed to in earlier modules. Grouping is actually a building block for multiplication. The final PowerShard is found in a new country that students will learn about in hopes of reaching the final level.  So be mindful in the earlier stages. Completion of all 10 CI challenges and activities gets students their third math badge.

Math Genius Module

Now we are getting to the next level of fun and finally getting our last PowerShard to help the Town of Cool Ideas! Students will be asked to help the Alyci team by using more complex techniques to identify numbers using base 10 blocks.  Students will also help by being able to use mathematical concepts such as skip counting by 5 and telling time.  Students will be asked to do repetitive subtraction equations while also determining place value. The goal is to find the Shard Keeper and solve whatever problem she asks, in order to allow her to give you the final PowerShard. Alyci, and Lucas will have to physically work together and use technology to save the town once Lucas is able to Power Up!  Completion of all 10 CI challenges and activities gets students their final math badge.

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