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“Tell me I can’t, I will”

Travis Corpening of Corpening Personal Development grew up like many other young men with his eyes set on a goal of playing professional sports. Becoming a 2-sport star in high school basketball and track Travis earned full scholarship honors and was able to play basketball at the collegiate level.

Unfortunately, however, his life took an interesting turn as simultaneously stress, team troubles, and health issues all seemed to close in on him at the same time. Like so many other students that experience life altering challenges in college, he found himself back at home depressed and ready to give up on himself, and his talent. 

Fortunately, a track coach from the University of North Carolina Wilmington took a chance on him giving him another opportunity to compete. Two years later Travis had become a 3-time Division I track and field champion despite being told he could never do it.

Travis shares his story of resilience and believing in yourself even when others do not. One of his monikers is “Tell Me I can’t, I will”. This is the mentality he shares with the world and the ideal he wants his students to hold on to.  Countless students at multiple educational levels from across the country call Travis a mentor as he has consistently pushed them to be their best selves and leads graduates across the stage.

Having worked at every educational level and spending 10 plus years at the collegiate mentoring and advising students Travis has a gift for helping and connecting with students of all ages.

Today, Travis is the published author of 4 books, and has been privileged to travel the southeast with his motivational speaking and training. Millions have watched his YouTube training videos and been inspired by his message. Travis is the CEO of Corpening Personal Development, which is an Educational Consulting Firm that continues to grow and transform the lives and needs of a global community.

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Travis Corpening

Gifted Motivational Speaker

Travis Corpening is a leading educational expert, author, and one of the premier motivational speakers in the educational arena. As a motivational speaker, Travis Corpening has inspired young people to become the best version of themselves, overcome their challenges and harness their potential.

His philosophy involves helping anyone he has the privilege to inspire, to see more in themselves and their abilities. Travis believes that most of us move or do not move on our dreams because of fear. We fear that we are not good enough, fear that the idea will not work, or even fear that once we are successful, we cannot live up to the expectations of others. Sound familiar? This is something most students, professionals, and educators deal with.


Because he has had all these same thoughts himself.

Every success he has had in his life has been rooted in him leaning on real tools to overcome these fears to thrive in any challenge. Whether it was grade school, sports, his professional life or even believing he had the ability to get into doctoral school each level of his life has required him to assess where he is, recognize who he is, and remember what he brings to the table. Sharing these tools is why he has seen hundreds of students graduate and reach their life’s goals.

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Travis Corpening of Corpening Personal Development has been speaking and training with high marks since 2005. Some of his most sought-after speaking topics include –

“Secure the Bag: Winning or Watching” and “Winners Do It Different!”

Travis Corpening of Corpening Personal Development has been speaking and training with high marks since 2005. Some of his most sought-after speaking topics include –

“Secure the Bag: Winning or Watching” and “Winners Do It Different!”


Winners do it Different!

Oprah Winfrey…
George Lucas…
Lebron James.

If you ask any successful person in any industry how they became successful you will soon find that they had 3 things in common:

  • First there was someone in their life that took the time to lend leadership and guidance.
  • The second thing is they had a belief in their abilities no matter what others had to say.
  • And finally, they had an eye for seeing problems as opportunities.

These are the tools of winners! And in “Winners do it Differently,” CPD will teach you how to access and use these tools. This personal development message is appropriate for corporate workshops, high school, or college events. 

Let me teach you or your staff how to change your day to day attitude to catch every goal you’ve ever had!

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