Alyci Kids Train Party – Cape Fear Museum Wilmington NC

Ci Kids where’s the Train!

What a blast!! March 19th we launched a new Adventures of Lucas and Alyci Youtube Episode and an event for kids and families teaching them about the City of Wilmington North Carolina’s new Rail-realignment effort. The animated adventure starts when Lucas and his team explore the wonderful Town of Cool Ideas, the different things trains carry, and how to be safe around trains. The purpose of the character animation is to teach kids about technology and to stop for trains.

Kids from all over enjoyed a day of building their own adventure using trains and tools we provided them to design their own towns and railways. The goal for each student was to make their train railways safe while carrying important supplies where they needed to go. At the event students were given items, and material for those in the audience to take home that will give more detail about All Your Cool Ideas Kids Club workbooks and online course.

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