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University, high, middle, or elementary... schools are what we do!

We love connecting with schools in a myriad of formats, events, and platforms. It is our pleasure to roll up our sleeves and help any institutions hit the target. 

We are prepared to deliver professional speaking services to students, classroom reading through our Corpening Personal Development team, or professional development training to help.

All Corpening Personal Development school visits have been EXTREMELY popular!

Schools, museums, amusement parks, youth programs…all have been destinations and partners in helping to spread our message that all kids have value and ideas that are important.

A part of the mission of Corpening Personal Development is to spread the message that all kids can have ideas that are important and affect their world in cool and exciting ways. 

To see the vision through, our All Your Cool Ideas team travels to various school sites with books, character props, and STEM focused material to help kids grow and express their wildest ideas outside of the box.


Whether personal on campus readings or single classroom virtual reading, our All Your Cool Ideas team is prepared to work with any school to find the right format for you.

We have also prepared coloring lessons to introduce K-5 kids to entrepreneurship!

Bring Lucas, Alyci, and the Team to Your Campus

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