Dear 2020…

Not many of us have gone through 2020 without having to make alterations.  Alterations to the way we travel, do business, eat, or even speak. 

From Covid-19 to protests…this time last year I had no idea that making all kids feel special would be even more important one year later. As we all argue about whether people should care about each other and look beyond skin color or fight for their right to jog in their own neighborhood we must try to experience the world as others do. 

I think what we are missing is the extra! The extra steps someone else must take when simply applying for a job. The extra steps I might have to take when shopping, so you have assured me, and my kids are paying customers.  The extra steps I might have to take to make you feel safe as I walk into work. 

These are not just empty scenarios.  Each of these are actual experiences me and my extended family have dealt with and at this point are numb to. 

The interesting things is that we ALL have extras. Do I have to watch what I say around you because you may be offended?

The question is, am I willing to understand your experience and speak for you when it is time. 

Listen…embracing each other without pre-judging is easily said, yet not so easy to accomplish.
Do you have to do my “extra”?

In partnership with the Brian Hamilton Foundation this billboard was my way of putting a new face, and a new story, out for kids of all colors to see leaders that look like them. 

It matters. 
Anyone who says otherwise probably had role models that looked like them in books and cartoons or never realized how important it was because they did not have to. 

Love each other! Do not fear or assume…ask.

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