Do they really know how POWERFUL You Are!

Stop assigning yourself a station or position in life that God never gave you. Especially on our jobs. We tend to think ourselves into positions or statuses based on our upbringing, background, or even the accomplishments (perceived or real) of other people. Who said the employee in the mail room cannot have an idea that transforms the company’s bottom line?

 If you begin or continue to think you are less than you are it will trap you. And as a result, you will never see or desire anything more than what co-workers or others is telling you are worth. Stop adopting thinking you did not earn.

I promise from now on to wake up every morning I think about it, look myself in the mirror and say I HAVE NO STATION! I HAVE NO POSITION THAT MY FATHER DID NOT ASSIGN ME!! PERIOD! I will admit.

This is a dangerous way of thinking. You could lose friends. You will look weird. You will stand out. But that is how you begin to think like someone in charge of their brand.

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