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educator training


The Puzzle Workshop - Building Beyond Barriers of Implicit Bias


"Implicit biases are the actions we aren't aware of that perform everyday based on how we were raised or socialized."

How can you solve a puzzle without the proper pieces?
You can not. 

Join me in this revolutionary research-based workshop as we work to transform any student environment to positively impact young black and brown men as we review solutions to implicit bias in classrooms.

Together we will review the history of implicit bias toward this demographic and learn tools to combat its effects.

The Puzzle workshop presented by the Corpening Personal Development will help student service providers discover how institutional culture can be structured to alter and influence young men of color to excel, develop positive self-efficacy, and combat the negative story many of them have internalized. From Pre-K to college let us put the pieces together and work to improve outcomes in black and brown students wherever we can. (This workshop can be tailored to specific audiences based on the academic service area of participants whether grade school or college).


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 In this invigorating 1.5-hour social reset, together we walk hand in hand to learn:

—— $500 or $50 per attendee

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