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Hi! I am Lucas’ robotic friend, Alyci! Gleep!

Let me introduce you to Lucas and the CI-Team!

Each one of our friends lives in the Town of Cool Ideas and has their own cool special power that they use to help the kids solve problems.  All of our technology is powered by special stones from space called PowerShards. As you begin you will see how everyone uses their own tech to help wherever they can. Let’s get started.

CPM - ALYCI Kids Club - The Adventures of Lucas and Alyci - Lucas the kid (Lucas Corpening)

Lucas the kid (Lucas Corpening)

Age: 7
Height: 4’7
Power: Animal Shift
Meet Lucas the kid. Lucas loves animals, running, and blueberry pancakes. He can draw on his robot Alyci to create things to solve problems and change the environment around him. Also, using his blue Powershard he can summon the power of different animals to solve problems. He can communicate (light connect) with any animal when his Power Shard glows. Lucas can Tekconnect with Alyci and cover arms and legs with shields that are powered by his stone.

MCPM - ALYCI Kids Club - The Adventures of Lucas and Alyci - Billy “Bounce” Ballen

Billy “Bounce” Ballen

Age: 7
Height: 4’6
Power: Kanga Pounce
Meet Billy “Bounce” Ballen. Bounce is one of lucas’ best friends. He loves popsicles, juice boxes, and of course BOUNCING! His shoes TeKSHIFT to summon the power of a Kangaroo to super LEap and help the team whenever they need it! Bounce is the strongest on the team and loves to help whenever he can. Sometimes he helps a little too much!

CPM - ALYCI Kids Club - The Adventures of Lucas and Alyci - Brittany “Eyeliene” Seeker

Brittany “Eyeliene” Seeker

Age: 7
Height: 4’6
Power: Tarsier Sight
Meet Brittany Eyeliene. Brittany is one of the smartest members of the team. She is very shy until she uses her power. Her mom is a doctor. She loves analyzing everything and can see deeper than the surface if something is hiding using her Tarsier sight. Brittany has a Ci friend called Hyme who is an ant that is designed to help her. Hyme can release his colony of friends when she needs help to solve problems.

CPM - ALYCI Kids Club - The Adventures of Lucas and Alyci - Tiago Ramone “Twitch”

Tiago Ramone “Twitch”

Age: 9
Height: 4’11
Power: DragonFlight
Meet Twitch. Twitch is the oldest member of the group. Twitch is from Brazil. Twitch doesn’t like to stay still so he plays a lot of sports, especially soccer. His power lets him fly using the power of a dragonfly to soar. He loves to move and do a special dance called Capoeira.

The COOL IDEA (CI) TEAM in Action!

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