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student development


The Young Mogul Workshop

We all remember how hard middle and high school can be. Trying to impress friends. Resisting peer pressure. Trying to be as cool as you can and still excel in the classroom.

Today, however, students have different opportunities and risks when it comes to their professional lives. Social media, and web interaction give students advantages and access that many are not prepared to handle. One errant post could derail their entire college or career plans.

But what if you could teach students to utilize the principles of high-profile brands?

The Mogul Workshop of Corpening Personal Development is designed to do just that while also giving students tools to recognize and take advantage of their gifts. McDonald’s, Nike, Apple…all of these are huge brands that spend millions of hours problem solving and making decisions that separate them from everyone else.

That is what leaders do!

The Mogul Workshop will teach students to set themselves apart from others by adopting an entrepreneurial mind set, and lead from the front instead of following the wrong crowd.

EVERY student has untapped value and potential.

Let us teach your students to value everything they bring to the table.
This workshop will be interactive using video, and student friendly examples to:

If you can find a way to innovate and do things differently than anyone else, you can become iconic


The Young Mogul Workshop Options


High School

up to 10 students.
$50 each additional

1.5 hrs

—— $300


College and Career

up to 30 students.
$50 each additional

1.5+ hrs

—— $1050

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