The Leap

Usually I am the one consulting and speaking to people about leaping. Well I still say leap, but I have a hard time taking my own advice sometimes.

Feeling it would be cool for my son to see himself represented in cartoons or children’s books, about a year, I began writing a group of stories called “The Adventures of Lucas and Alyci.” After trying to get it published with no luck, I realized I really could do this myself if I had a little help. With that I began a journey of honing, publishing, and launching the book and subsequent stories myself.


So far, the journey has been great, and it is awesome seeing my son respond to the stories. Still without a single book printed I needed some help. After a little advice from my wife and others I decided to do a kick starter to get a boost. Leaping was scary but not trying would have been letting my son down and letting down every other little brown boy who wishes there were more opportunities to see himself as a lead character.

I refuse to do that and live wondering what if. So, I jumped. Here goes.
If you get the chance check out the video and support the Kickstarter for The Adventures of Lucas and Alcyi.

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