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why do i need

a coach?

why do i need

a coach?

Everyone needs a mentor or coach, no matter the age.

Coaching is helping you plan and maneuver barriers to accomplish your personal goals. Period.  Today many of us are subjected to negative influences, toxic environments, and a lack of healthy opportunities to grow.

Many times children are growing up without authentic role models. Constantly being exposed to peer pressure, cyber-bullying, violence, and other misleading information via the web, only compounds the issue.

Sometimes parents can even accidentally burden kids with unhealthy expectations like being athletic, or unnecessary academic goals. It can be a challenge for students to process and make sense of everything they learn by themselves and what educators and society teach them.

It is important that as coaches we provide healthy, unbiased, leadership and expectations. All of us have goals for growth and getting better. But growth requires a mentor or coach that challenges our way of thinking.

Without it, the results can lead to unhealthy attitudes and behaviors in children ranging from:

The Empathy Gap

How can you push someone to reach higher and greater elevations, when you have set low and limited expectations for them?

For years Corpening Personal Development has worked with schools and various youth service agencies. Early in our work we noticed that there was an enormous disconnect between the lifestyle many students at-risk experience and the expectations of school culture. For many students, the learning environment disarms them emotionally, making them vulnerable to ridicule, or verbal abuse. It forces them to trust a system that they may feel historically has not worked for them or been fair to them.

It is common for teachers, youth service providers, mentors, and college administrators not to understand the underlying causes of the attitudes and behavior of these students. Our training and coaching can help youth services providers understand the root of the negative behaviors they see. Stanford University scholar E.A Hanushek (1992) estimates that the difference between having a good teacher and having a bad teacher can exceed one grade-level equivalent in annual achievement growth.

We believe that many of us genuinely have a heart to help youth in need but do not realize when we have labeled them prematurely. Richard Felder says, “The more thoroughly instructors understand the differences, the better chance they have of meeting the diverse learning needs of all of their students” (“Understanding Student Differences,” Journal of Engineering Education 94 [2005]: 57). Without this understanding many times students will be unfairly labeled. Unfortunately, these labels can restrict what and who we believe they have the potential to be.


The Home of our Offerings

The Corpening Personal Development (CPD) campus encompasses all our professional and personal development offerings.

Whether it be our Educator Training workshops, Personal Development Workshops for students, or motivational speaking, our message remains clear:

Live everyday as if you were chosen to excel and get better in whatever area you choose.

Inspiring and Motivating Speaking Engagements

Travis Corpening is a leading and gifted motivational speaker in the personal development and educational arenas. As a motivational speaker, Travis Corpening has inspired young people to become the best version of themselves, overcome their challenges and harness their potential. Millions have been inspired by his message watching Travis’s YouTube training videos.

Some of Travis’s popular speaking topics include:

"Secure the Bag: Winning or Watching" & "Winners Do It Different!"

Life Changing Workshops

The life changing workshops of Corpening Personal Development have been widely praised and recommended.

Understanding how difficult it can be to help students navigate society’s issues, our goal is to help all participants bridge social and emotional gaps to reach their own goals.

Learn more about Travis’s speaking engagements – click here.

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